2022 03 31

A dream has come true!

Mountains of all sorts have always attracted me. I remember being a kid and me and a friend brought a rope for the first time to the hill nearby where we lived and actually set a new (probably stupidly risky) route on the steepest section. A few weeks ago, I ceased the opportunity when Covid-restrictions now let up to go to Scotland and climb Ben Nevis

Like other climbers I often get the question about what the big thing is here, and I believe most climbers have their personal response. Mine is about the peaks. The total freedom in the feeling of being on top of the world (even if it’s not the Everest). It’s a journey to that top. It could be a hike with some scrambling, a climbing route with beautiful moves or a gully approached with skins on skis ending up in a final section where crampons and axes needs to come on and out. It doesn’t really matter. It’s about getting higher and higher. Just you and the mountain.

I’ve realized that feeling is something so important to me that I need to incorporate that in my everyday life. Sure, I could have chosen to go live at the foot of a mountain, trained to become a guide and had the peaks as my workplace, but life put me on another path, which I’m also very happy with. 

But still! I use almost every minute I get away from work and family to go outdoor, running, hiking, climbing and skiing. The mountain is in my company logo. I arrange leadership trainings in Swedish National Parks. I’ts there. The pandemic has shown us that we can collaborate outside the workplace, and recent research points out our need of nature experiences and that decision making is positively affected by nature. Exposed to natural scenes, we tend to make decisions with a long term impact instead of focusing on a shorter perspective. Reach out to me if you are an honest bookworm and want to know more on that reference!

And now it has come to the point where I put my foot down and say I don’t want to spend more time in conference rooms. For new clients, I work either digitally or outdoor. Nuff said.

See you outside!

Johan Norrfjärd
I work with people driven business development. Simply because I want to give momentum to the right kind of transformation. The transformation coming from vertical development that creates a better world for current and coming generations. I strive for trust, happiness and freedom in all collaborations and co-creations.
Afterworkshop – a pay it forward initiative!

Afterworkshop – a pay it forward initiative!

It takes 10 000 hours to be an expert at something. Or at least so they say. I haven’t counted my hours within Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Employer Branding, but after about ten years as a consultant within these scopes, I hope I have gained some knowledge – that I’ve found use for at Afterworkshop.

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