Recreatio specialize in transformation, development and training for teams, organizations, and individuals.

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Organizational transformation

I support organizations in daring to challenge the status quo, transform corporate culture, and innovate processes that are taken for granted. I help organizations to acquire talent – as leverage for growth.

I am convinced that managing the system, not the people, is a successful mindset. That is why my work always is about finding the right dialogue in the right time with the right people.

The HR mindset, the People & Culture field and Agile HR have been my backyard for over 12 years. I have a proven track record of organizational transformation, designing agile processes, frameworks and supporting routines in different contexts and businesses. I also have a strong skill set within talent acquisition. I am a certified Scrum Master and Management 3.0 Practitioner.

“As he is always updated on our organization and our matter, I can rest assured we get a great result together with Johan” 

Ann-Sofie Bäckar, Executive Director, ChemSec

“We were lucky to find Johan many years ago. He quickly got the hang of our operations and he is now helping us to develop our management team. His knowledge and experience is of great value to us.”

Martin Dennås, CEO Monitor Larm & Bevakning

Team development

It doesn’t matter if you are an operational work group, a management team or a small scrum team: Unleashing the potential of trust, individual accountability and consciousness through feedback, empowerment and establishing a common language increase motivation and create value for the organization as a whole.

The benefits of facilitating a group’s journey towards becoming an efficient team is so much larger than working on a single leader that it would be foolish to discard the importance team development.

I have worked with and supported teams as long as I can remember and that is still one of the most fun and satisfying things I know. My assignments range from top management to operational level. Over the years I have acquired several tools for facilitating team development, and in addition to Agile frameworks, Radical Collaboration and TeamPro are key for the activities I engage in. 

“Our workshop with Johan was highly appreciated and developed a base for dialogue and trust.”

Linus Eng, Regional Branch Manager Adecco Group

“Johan really understands the needs of our organization and how to satisfy them. Our team have developed clear targets and values, and the team spirit got a positive boost.”

Mikael Laurin, CEO Lean Marine

Individual development 

Sometimes we go through rough times. Holding space for reflection and learning by seeing the challenges from another perspective ease the tension and open new doors. Coaching might be a worn expression but still valuable.

As an HR professional as well as an external consultant, I have worked with a coaching mindset for the last 7 years. I am well trained in Radical Collaboration, interpersonal dialogue, and interviewing. Through the years, I have helped CEO’s and Managers both expanding self as well as handling specific interpersonal conflicts in the workplace. I am certified in several personality and motivational questionnaires and use validated tools like Lead Forward for individual development assignments. 

“Johan creates a safe environment in all his interactions with people be it when coaching or having a simple conversation. He is very proactive, honest and goes above and beyond for people who go to him for coaching.”

Mamtha Pullat, D&I Specialist, Telia

“Johan is perceptive and his experience from group- and organizational development created a powerful coaching process. I was challenged safely and with great warmth engouraged to continue my personal development.”

Jenny Strandhag, Branch Head Trafikkontoret Göteborgs Stad

Training programs

mWhen it is time to accelerate psychological development, you might consider a training program as a support for transforming a team or workforce over time.

Recent research shows that well-planned trigger events combined with the organizational backing and commitment from mentors have a positive effect on learning & development.

I have produced and implemented programs within individual development, communication and leadership in the last 10 years. I always strive to use the latest research in the training I execute. My experience ranges from commercial training and outdoor retreats to in-house productions and I an certified in Brinkerhoff High Performance Learning Journey tools.

“Johan is a pedagogic and lively trainer. Our program was a great start on a lifelong process, to understand myself and develop personally.”

Niki Addibpour, UX Lead, Postnord

“Johan is an appreciated trainer and speaker with a big commitment and high energy. He always delivers with quality and our consultants like him a lot.”

Linnea Schennings, Consultant Manager, Sigma Young Talent

“Johan has a big drive and passion. He really has the ability to see every participant in the room. Our training taught me a lot about myself and I have developed both professionally and personally.”

Fanny Andersson, Stream Lead, Polestar

“Johan is committed and adapts in a brilliant way to the team he meets to give the absolute most value from his trainings. He creates engagement and build trust in a great way.” 

Sofie Lundh, Consultant Manager, Sigma Young Talent