Rent the outdoor equipment you need for your Nordic nature adventure.

I believe nature affects us positively. It’s actually not just a belief. Research has shown positive effects on stress reduction, why green therapy has become more and more common in stress rehabilitation. Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, is a well-researched Japanese tradition with the same ambition. And recent studies have focused on how cities trigger stress and competitive mechanisms while nature triggers recreation and more long-term and sustainable decisions.
In addition to this, I live in Sweden, a beautiful country with the right to public access to nature. It would be stupid not to spend more time outside, both when “at work” and when free from duties.
Not everyone needs the adventures of a mountain hike or an extreme expedition. Not everyone can afford the gear that makes it comfortable. Therefore, I want to give the possibility to get out, but in a comfortable way. The following tents are available for rent:

1. Hilleberg Anjan 2

A lightweight (1,7 kg) 1-2person tunnel tent.
Price: 3 days/SEK 800, 7 days/SEK 1500

2. Hillberg Nallo 3GT

A lightweight (3,1 kg) 2-3 person tunnel tent with large vestibule.
Price: 3 days/SEK 1000, 7 days/SEK 1700

3. Hilleberg Allak 3

A free standing (no pegs needed) dome tent for 2-3 persons. Weight 3,7 kg.
Price: 3 days/SEK 1000, 7 days/SEK 1700

4. Hilleberg Keron 3

A robust tunnel tent for 3 persons. Weight 4,2 kg.
Price: 3 days/SEK 800, 7 days/SEK 1500

5. Hillberg Kaitum 4 GT

A tunnel tent for 3-4 persons. Weight 4,6 kg.
Price: 3 days/SEK 1200, 7 days/SEK 1900

6. Bergans Wiglo lt4

A tipi/dome tent for 4-5 persons. Weight 6,2 kg.
Ideal for small groups/meetings up to 8 persons (without inner tent or floor).
Price: 3 days/SEK 1000, 7 days/SEK 1700

8. Tentipi Safirflex 15

A tipi tent for 15 persons. Can be opened up partially. Weight 33,5 kg.
Ideal for groups/meetings up to 30 persons. Inner tent and floor available.
Price: 3 days/SEK 2500, 7 days/SEK 5000

Group gear such as stoves, muurikas, kitchen utensils, and outdoor cutlery/plates/mugs for up to 30 persons is available at request.

Personal gear such as stoves, backpacks, and sleeping gear is available at request.

To book, fill out the form and I’ll get back to you. Or send an email directly to rental@recreatio.se or call me at +46 70 20 40 113.

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