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Organizational transformation and individual development with a down to earth mindset and joyful spirit.

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My philosophy

I strive for freedom to drive projects that align with my beliefs, for trust because it’s the key for learning and happiness because it means great fun and love to me.


“Johan is perceptive and his experience from group- and organizational development created a powerful coaching process. I was challenged safely and with great warmth engouraged to continue my personal development.”

Jenny Strandhag, Branch Head Trafikkontoret Göteborgs Stad


“Johan is committed and adapts in a brilliant way to the team he meets to give the absolute most value from his trainings. He creates engagement and build trust in a great way”

Sofie Lundh, Consultant Manager, Sigma Young Talent

Lean Machine

“Johan really understands the needs of our organization and how to satisfy them. Our team have developed clear targets and values, and the team spirit got a positive boost.”

Mikael Laurin, CEO Lean Marine


“Johan is a pedagogic and lively trainer. Our program was a great start on a lifelong process, to understand myself and develop personally”

Niki Addibpour, UX Lead, Postnord


“As he is always updated on our organization and our matter, I can rest assured we get a great result together with Johan”

Ann-Sofie Bäckar, Executive Director, ChemSec


“Johan creates a safe environment in all his interactions with people be it when coaching or having a simple conversation. He is very proactive, honest and goes above and beyond for people who go to him for coaching”

Mahmta Pullat, D&I Specialist, Telia


“Johan has a big drive and passion. He really has the ability to see to every participant in the room. Our trainings taught me a lot about myself and I have developed both professionally and personally”

Fanny Andersson, Stream Lead, Polestar


My name is Johan Norrfjärd. I started Recreatio, my own company, after working more than a decade with HR, leadership, agile and organizational psychology in businesses ranging from small IT-companies to global petrochem giants and some of Sweden’s biggest NGOs.

With Recreatio, I hope to have the impact as a free radical – to develop individuals, teams and organizations – and by this have an impact for current and future generations.


Outdoor Office Day in Helsingborg June 13th
Outdoor Office Day in Helsingborg June 13th

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to speak at Outdoor Office Day in HelsingborgI An inspiring event where researchers meet practitioners in a collaboration about a sustainable work life. I had the honor to give the opening speech, and here is my take on this subject.

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Overwhelmed, grateful, inspired and in a stew!
Overwhelmed, grateful, inspired and in a stew!

Sitting in the SJ lounge waiting for my train back home after three beautiful days at the IDG summit 2023. Scared by the crass truth about climate change. Touched by international speakers. Happy for meetings with people I never thought I’d sit down and talk to and inspired to work with a brilliant framework for inner development. Big words? Yes, and let me explain how this also might relate to you.

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Leadership development in theory, practice, and philosophy
Leadership development in theory, practice, and philosophy

When I started Recreatio, I got advice on how to package my services and what assignments to look for. I listened but decided to follow my heart and combine assignments within team development and HR (which I considered “safe” as I already knew I was good at it) with the more unchartered territory of developing my leadership development philosophy as well as programs for managers and leaders.

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